The Step-Through eBike is the most accessible and simple to install for everyone. The frame design eliminates the high-mounted crossbar that connects the front strut or steering knuckle to the seat mount found on other frames.

Traditionally, this design is best suited to high-performance bicycles such as racing or adventure trail riding, whilst the low step-through frame shape provides convenience that a regular frame cannot match. After a long day of biking up and down hills, nothing is more convenient than a low step frame that is simple to dismount. We’ve all had sore hips and exhausted legs, dreading the end of the ride.

Why Buy the Step-Through eBike?

With a Step-Through frame, you may quickly step off the ebike and avoid the discomfort. This is especially useful for riders who, for whatever reason, are unable to elevate their legs over the typical high “top tube” bar, and, of course, there are three major reasons we picked this design:

1.Step-Through eBike frames aid riders who prefer to mount and disembark their bikes by allowing them to step through the bike rather than over the top of it which could really be awkward for some people. Another advantage of a Step-Through eBike frame is that it keeps the battery and motor out of the way of the user. Manufacturers, for example, can position the battery on the interior of the front frame for convenient access when charging or replacing the battery.

2.We use an integrated battery design for our e-bikes, which is also known as a mid-step or “mixte” frame. This design provides balance to the e-bike while keeping a strong framework capable of carrying up to 50 pounds of freight and the riders at the same time. Check out the newest Step-Through eBike today and start riding the greatest city commuter and comfy cruiser all in one ebike.

3.Riders with physical (movement) limitations or specific needs who would normally be unable to ride a diamond frame can now easily mount and dismount the Step-Through eBike frame. This simple design was a popular request from bike riders who sought a more comfortable bike frame. It’s a great pleasure to assist everybody who can ride a powerful e-bike, regardless of their age or stage of life.

As a favorite, you can catch your neighbors riding these ebikes on their biking trail. Some of the Step-Through eBikes are paired with the smooth-shifting Shimano Altus 8-speed or 9-speed gears. They deliver exceptional power at all speeds and are ready to take on any bump or incline in your path, no matter if the ride takes you to the city streets or country roads.

What are the Weight Limits?

The Step-Through eBike was designed to carry packages of up to 50 pounds, including precious cargo. The 50 pound rider is secure as you travel through the city and through the local park. You’re covered with cargo capacity to spare, whether you’re on your way into work with a backpack full of the morning’s sweets ready to dole out or taking to a picnic with pals. Here are five ways to put the Step-Through eBikes’ 50lb cargo-carrying capacity to use:

1. Your favorite furry companion

2. A week’s supply of food items

3. Tools for the do-it-yourself project

4. Bring your child to the office day

5. A massive load of textbooks You can enjoy a quiet ride and smooth gear shifting while riding your Step-Through eBike while riding without any annoyances or extra pedal strain. This women’s ebike has enough power to propel riders up to 20mph while also providing a more flexible pedal experience above that pace.

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