Maruti Suzuki (MS) is one of the major players in the world of motorbikes. This company produces both, four wheeler vehicles and two-wheelers. It dominates the segment of small to medium-sized four-wheeler vehicles in the world. The company’s two-wheeler models are exceptionally good and are known for their smoothness, quietness and fuel efficiency. They also provide a great value for money. In fact, they have established a reputation of being the best in the industry.

Suzuki cars are manufactured in India under license of maruti Suzuki India Limited. Maruti Suzuki cars have become hugely popular around the world due to their great fuel economy, smoothness, high performance and attractive designs. The company’s star attraction lies in its two-wheelers, which have won many hearts around the globe. There has however been a little bit of negative criticism directed at the company from certain quarters. A lot has been written about the inferior powerlifter and the limited transmission options for the petrol models.

But the truth is that these criticisms miss the point completely. Consumers are more focused on the benefits offered by the cars than the shortcomings. And to an extent it is true that the Suzuki engine has not been able to match the advances made in the field of diesel and gasoline powered vehicles. But this is not to say that the maruti cars are weak in any way. Rather, the firm has successfully reaped the benefits of improvements in technology.

At the end of September, the company plans to launch two new models. These will be the 150cc sportsters and the two-seater diesels. The diesels will be built on the same production line that has been used for the last thirty years in producing the popular CBR and WRX models. The company also plans to increase its manufacturing capacity by introducing the Zenita and Zuma models in the coming years. These will be the company’s first foray into the Indian passenger auto market.

Beyond these announcements, little is known about the future of the Japanese carmaker. The company has not ruled out introducing dedicated sportsters in the near future. However, it expects the sales of its larger four-door cars to slump in the next few years owing to the rise in hybrid and electric cars. The biggest concern is the rising fuel costs and the loss of market share to the rising rivals in the segment.

With the new vehicles set to arrive in Indian markets in the next couple of years, it is imperative that the firm continues to make progress with its technology in areas like safety and fuel efficiency. The company has not been quick to embrace innovations like Corocobalt lights for braking and side lights which has led many in the auto industry to dub it as ‘dated’. The company is yet to release its compact hatchback which is set to enter the Indian market next year. For the time being, the focus lies on introducing updated versions of its mid-size sedans such as the CT200 which is tipped to carry the star status for the maruti Suzuki brand in India.

Automotive magazines reckon that the new hatchback has got many innovative features, which will surely attract more buyers. These include a powerful diesel engine backed by an aluminium frame and powerful electric motors. The petrol engines have been tweaked to produce better power, performance and fuel efficiency. This is the reason why many consumers in India and across the world are buying these cars. They are also set to introduce a family version of the hatchback to cater to the needs of the large families.

The company has not yet launched its first diesel SUV, which is expected to enter the Indian markets next year. If it launches a family car, it will be following in the footsteps of other maruti cars which have entered the premium segment. Earlier this firm only sold two types of vehicles in the premium segment, but now it is planning to enter the SUV segment in addition to its two small pick-up trucks. Maruti Suzuki has also decided to discontinue its hatchback model which is set to enter the compact segment in the coming years.