An upsurge in the number of motorcycle riders in Kenya has led to a surge in the demand for motorcycle spare parts companies as the dealers seek to capitalise on the economic boom. Motor cycles in Kenya, like most other African nations, are primarily used as transport by commuters for short distances within both rural and urban areas. This means that the spare parts for motorcycles that become in great demand during the seasonal or daily seasonal sales are those that are easily available to the ordinary Joe, thus increasing the profit margin for the dealers.

The increasing number of vehicles on the roads has resulted in the increased number of accidents as well. The number of accidents relating to vehicles has also increased along with the number of vehicles on the road. This has resulted in a need for increased levels of service facility at repair centers across Kenya. To address these needs dealers from across east Africa have set up manufacturing units to make motorcycle spare parts.

There are many motorcycle spare parts shops in the eastern part of the country, especially near the cities of Mombasa and Kilifi. However, there is a lack of spare parts available in the local language of these towns. As a result, bajaj taxis and buses frequently provide English services to commuters. For those who use English as their only language, they find it easier to negotiate with bajaj taxi drivers and bus conductors. This allows them to get spare parts for their vehicles from these local dealerships.

Traditionally, motorcycles in Kenya were used to take short hops from town to town. The number of people who purchase and use motorcycles during such short hops has significantly declined. This is because the fuel costs have become too high. Thus, the number of dealers and motorcycle spare parts shops that cater to these individuals has dramatically decreased. This has made finding spare parts more difficult.

The situation has been further worsened by the increase in the number of vehicle seizures. Most seizures are of vehicles that have been imported with illegal motorbike engines. Therefore, even if an individual is able to avoid the pitfalls of the short hop cycle by purchasing an import shipment of motorcycle spare parts from Kenya, they will still be subject to seizure.

The problems faced by the exporters of motorcycle spare parts… in dealing with import shipments of motorcycle spare parts from Kenya is not unique. Many individuals have fallen victim to unscrupulous traders, who have been known to charge excessive premium rates for low quality or damaged parts. Some exporters of motorcycle spare parts have even resorted to eliminating the entire inventory of their stock of motorcycle spare parts altogether, in an effort to make their imports more affordable to buyers.

To avoid such situations, exporters of motorcycle spare parts from Kenya have been known to maintain contact with their local distributors, in order to receive regular shipments of new inventory. This way, they are able to keep their inventory levels up to date and increase their sales. By selling items in bulk amounts, they are able to reduce their import expenses, and still provide the same high quality service to their customers that they had been supplying in the past.

These days, most people rely upon the internet to purchase products that they need from anywhere in the world. Because of this, the demand for imported goods like motorcycle spare parts has increased. To make sure that their customers receive the best service possible, many retailers now offer online ordering services. This has streamlined the process of receiving import shipments of motorcycle spare parts and allowed many persons to do business online. For businesses that are set up on a tight budget, it is quite easy to keep their costs down by offering online ordering.