Policyholders looking for car insurance should have a firm grasp on coverage options, deductibles and discounts when shopping around for policies. Some providers even provide add-ons that can reduce costs further.

Popular features of car insurance policies are roadside assistance, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverages. Furthermore, some companies provide safe-driving discounts, such as those for students with good grades who take an online defensive driving course as well as multi vehicle policies with multiple cars on one policy.


GEICO is one of the best-known car insurers in the US, featuring ads featuring their iconic Gecko mascot and offering competitive rates to drivers with great records and credit. Their rates also rank highly according to NerdWallet’s pricing survey.

Geico customers can use its mobile app to pay bills, access policy details and file claims. In addition, digital ID cards and roadside assistance services are also accessible via this method.

GEICO is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, providing it with financial security to provide car insurance policies to their customers. They’ve received strong ratings from trusted financial rating agencies so you know they will still be around when the time comes to make a claim.


Progressive offers several unique features to its customers. A free mobile app helps drivers manage their policy, such as viewing their insurance card and filing claims. Furthermore, Progressive provides a “Name Your Price” tool so drivers can enter in their budget and then see policies within that budget. In addition, Progressive provides several discounts such as small accident forgiveness (SAF), large accident forgiveness (LAFF), bundling savings discounts and paperless statements (EIKEN).

Snapshot, the company’s telematics program, monitors your driving habits to lower rates. Using either a plug-in device or app, Snapshot tracks how often and how you drive – saving most drivers an average of around $150 annually according to estimates by Snapshot itself. In addition, this telematics solution offers gap coverage to cover remaining loan or lease balances and rideshare protection for Lyft/Uber drivers; additionally it takes sustainability seriously by publishing an annual Corporate Sustainability Report.

State Farm

State Farm is one of the nation’s largest car insurance providers and its rates are among the lowest. They provide discounts and coverage options like liability, comprehensive/collision coverage options, personal injury protection (PIP), roadside assistance as well as umbrella policies to cover high liability claims for homeowners and auto policies. They’re known for their financial strength as well as excellent customer service as evident by their consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.

Steer Clear discounts from AAA help younger drivers save on their rates by taking part in a driver training refresher course, which offers course training, practice driving and mentorship services – available both online and through agents.

State Farm mobile app gives customers easy and seamless ways to manage their policies, request roadside assistance and more. Users can pay using Apple Pay or view their insurance ID card within the app.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual provides auto insurance with traditional and unique coverage options, at typically higher than competitive rates. Unfortunately, customer ratings for Liberty Mutual tend to fall below average; however, their digital tools are impressively designed.

RightTrack, the company’s telematics program, allows drivers to receive discounts for safe driving. Available in most states except New York (where plug-in devices must be used). Additional discount opportunities exist if shoppers and homeowners shop early or own property and/or have military connections (active duty, reserve or retired). Furthermore, having advanced safety features in their car also save money.

Liberty Insurance offers a mobile app to help manage your policy, from viewing ID cards and filing claims, to monitoring financial stability. With over 288,000 reviews on the App Store alone, its rating stands at 4.8 out of 5, which speaks volumes. Furthermore, they also have an easy-to-understand desktop website providing useful details about products offered and financial stability – it is vitally important that potential policy holders know the lower and upper limits before making their choice.

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