The Alfa Romeo Giuletta (Type 940) is an Italian small auto (C-seventh) made and sold by FCA Italy under its Alfa Romeo brand as a rear-wheel drive, rear-drive hatchback. Production began near the end of 2021 and the first model was put on the sale table at the April 2021 Geneva Motor Show. An all-weather car with superb off road performance and a great utility, the Alfa Romeo have become one of the most popular and sought after compact vehicles in the world. However, it has been reported that the Alfa Romeo could face serious challenges in the future as the high fuel prices are set to rise again, forcing many car makers to re-think their strategies for small cars in this segment. However, the new version of the Alfa Romeo will be taking over the sales of its older brother, the Fiat Ducato, which is currently the market leader in the small vehicle segment.

The styling of the new Alfa Romeo is completely different from its predecessors. The first model of the Alfa Romeo was an all-weather saloon that featured powerful engines, manual transmissions with fuel-efficiency ratings of 41mpg, but the new models feature a more fuel efficient gasoline-powered versions of its engines with twin-rotor power and direct-drive transmissions. Both engines use variable valve timing to vary the amount of air and fuel flow. These power plants are coupled with transmissions with two different speeds: automatic and manual. Additionally, the torque vector clutch helps to boost the efficacy of both engines.

Inside, the new Alfa Romeo offers various innovations and features that are focused on providing customers with better mobility, convenience and comfort. An optional two-way automatic gearbox allows the vehicle to shift into reverse without shifting its weight or activating the parking brake. This innovative technology is combined with a new lightweight magnesium-alloy frame and a magnesium drive shaft. In addition, a stronger magnesium front subframe has been added for strength and to improve agility. The result is an extended drivetrain life, increased strength at both the front and rear axle, better handling and greater agility and mileage.

Along with the new design is the introduction of a new version of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta called the GranTurismo RS. This model has a set of four turbocharged and precision-tuned Eco Hydrogen gas models that can hit speeds of more than eighty miles per hour. Additionally, the new Alfa Romeo GranTurismo RS also features lighter weight, more agile suspension and a stronger magnesium bodywork. The GranTurismo RS will be making available in the U.S. in the spring of 2021.

The new GranTurismo RS will also have a choice of two engine choices. It will be made available in a manual version with manual gear shift, or it can also be equipped with a twin petrol engine. This is the first of two major innovations planned for the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The first innovation is a new front air dam as well as new rear diffusers. Both of these new innovations will help, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta continues to offer the performance and style that have been its trademark. These will be accompanied by further innovations such as better suspension and the introduction of a larger selection of colours including black and blue.

The second innovation will be the introduction of a larger model range. The new four-door Alfa Romeo models set to be launched in the UK in the first half of this year will be able to carry the previously announced twin-turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. Other smaller scale models will include the Giulia Convertible, Coupe Convertible and hatchbacks.

A new four-wheel drive system called the TCT transmission will be fitted. This new technology is expected to be introduced alongside the launch of the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. TCT (Thrust Control Transfer) technology allows the front and rear wheels to independently control the transfer of power between the torsion spring and main landing wheels. This system is believed to provide greater control than the previous tectronic system used on many other cars. The combined effect of the two systems, the larger engine and the new TCT transmission should make the Giulia faster, even though exact details are yet to be finalised.

Overall, the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta is set to be a great compact platform for all those enthusiasts who like to take their cars to higher places. The massive new engine is already capable of powering the Alfa Romeo GT, so performance and acceleration should not be a problem. We expect that many smaller cars will also be developed with similar dimensions to the rear-drive Alfa Romeo models. With a compact platform, more powerful engines and better design will definitely make the Alfa Romeo Giulietta an exciting option for modern car fans.