Mercedes trucks have a rich heritage and come in various models. They are used for haulage projects as well as emergency medical missions.

They are one of the world’s most renowned truck brands, manufacturing an extensive range of models such as X-Class, Actros, Arocs, Econic and Unimog. If you’re in search of a new truck, Mercedes Benz is an excellent option to consider.


Mercedes’ X-Class pickup truck is their first premium model, designed with luxury in mind – catering to the growing trend of pickups that are used not just as work vehicles but also lifestyle companions.

It comes in three trim levels: PURE, PROGRESSIVE and POWER. Buyers have the option to personalize their X-Class with hard or soft tonneau covers, running boards and Style Packages.

The X-Class boasts a host of impressive features, from its luxurious interior to an impressive safety suite. Furthermore, it provides connectivity through the COMAND infotainment system and smartphone integration.


Mercedes-Benz’s flagship in the heavy duty truck segment, the Actros is an efficient and dependable choice for national and international haulage operations. Powered by Euro VI engines, this model boasts impressive fuel consumption figures, reduced operating expenses, and greater profitability.

The reliable OM 501 LA and OM 502 LA engines come in six displacements and have been tested over 200,000 times. Their efficient BlueTec technology reduces fuel consumption by as much as seven percent compared to models without EGR systems.


The Mercedes-Benz Arocs was engineered specifically for off-road use and construction applications. It features a unique chassis design that increases ground clearance while offering higher fuel economy than other trucks in its class.

It also boasts advanced transmission oil coolers to help reduce temperatures when transporting heavy loads or in extreme climate conditions. This enhances the truck’s durability and lowers operating costs for fleet owners.

The Arocs offers a selection of engines compliant with Euro IV and Euro V emission norms, giving you the power and efficiency to meet your specific needs. It comes in various cab, drive system and frame configurations too.


Mercedes-Benz provides a selection of light duty trucks for gross vehicle weights up to 16 tonnes, all powered by four or six cylinder diesel engines.

They come with a range of body types and features to meet the demands of various applications.

Light-duty trucks are a staple in the market due to their efficiency, low fuel consumption and flexibility. Furthermore, they provide superior handling and manoeuvrability on the road.


The Econic offers a broad selection of options and engines, with either petrol or diesel options. In certain models, an available gas-fueled Hybrid powertrain is also offered.

It boasts one of the largest selections in mid-luxury, offering Sedan, Coupe, Cabriolet and Wagon body styles. Additionally, it is equipped with all-wheel drive as well as Car-to-X Communication and Attention Assist that help prevent accidents while you’re drowsy or distracted.

Its EQS Electric Drive brings luxury SUV heritage to the electric vehicle revolution. Boasting pioneering charging leadership, it features Mercedes me Charge – a one-stop shop for finding and paying for chargers on US networks – as well as two years of complimentary half-hour charges at Electrify America DC fast chargers.


The Unimog is a highly sought-after vehicle in the heavy-duty commercial truck segment. Originally produced in 1951 and still manufactured today at Mercedes-Benz’s Worth am Rhein plant in Germany, its popularity continues to grow.

Its unique features make it an incredibly versatile implement carrier, boasting attachment and mounting points at the front, rear, and between the axles for mounting various kinds of equipment.

This makes it superior in any condition and over any terrain, thanks to its low-maintenance engines, steep torque curve and large output reserves that enable it to meet any challenge year after year.

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