The company, which has branched out to become the major maker of high performance sports cars, has been producing a wide range of sports cars ever since it started in 1923. A popular hot hatch which combined excellent AWD with powerful turbos many decades ago: the Lancia Delta Integrale, also called the Magnum Integral. However, it was in the latter Delta Integral that the car which is still the most successful rally racer was found. It won the World Rally Championship six times in a row, from 1986-1990, accounts Petrolicious.

The new generation Lancia has introduced several innovations, the first of which is the all-new Sport Chronograph, a device which simultaneously measures speed, distance and time. The latest model of the Magnum has a further advancement, the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD), which gives the car its sporty drive. Lancia has also launched a new model in the Magnum series, the Magnum GT, which has been developed to suit the demands of the demanding and highly competitive Gran Turismo racing circuit. With these innovations, the new generation of Lancia has established itself firmly on the supercar segment, where it is already second largest after Mercedes-Benz. The future of this company and its automobiles is therefore in good hands.

Although the most important area for the company is its automobile division, it has branches in every possible area. For example, it has released a new model in the Canyon Class in the Golf category, dedicated to the demands of drivers who like to take their driving abilities to another level. Another new model, the Magnum GT Concept has been developed by the Racing Legends Team. In addition, it is one of the lightest cars ever built by the company, weighing just 2.9 tonnes.

In addition, the Magnum series of vehicles has a popular series of models, which includes a Convertible into the range of cars. This model has an automatic transmission. It has been set to win the prestigious DTM championship. The car weighs just 1.9 tonnes, and it has a rear diffuser as well as front air dams. These features enable the car to maintain low drag.

In addition to the Convertible series, there are two other models in the Magnum Delta range of cars. The first one is the Magnum Delta MR, which uses an aluminium-alloy body with carbon fibre wheels and seats. The car is also fitted with Brembo brakes, magnesium-alloy wheels and suspensions. The second model is the Magnum GT, which is based on the base Magnum Convertible.

The company has developed its own version of the Ferrari Fuego S, which has been developed to suit the needs of professional car racers, and it is now being offered in the Magnum range. The Magnum GT is available in both manual and automatic versions. In addition to this, the company has launched the Magnum R series, which has five models, including the Magnum Delta MR and Magnum GT.

The Magnum series uses an advanced braking system called TRD, and it is available on manual and automatic versions. The Magnum R series features TRD for the drivetrain, and it has all the standard exterior features that are found in the rest of the range. The company has developed its own version of the Dodge Viper, which is the Viper TA.

Magnum Delta also manufactures the car accessory that can be used to improve the performance of the vehicle. These accessories enhance the drivability of the car, and they include the TRD suspension parts. There are also many exterior accessories that can be purchased from the Magnum Delta range. All in all, Magnum Delta has set itself apart from the competition when it comes to producing high quality luxury sedans.