Sell automobile accessories directly to customers. Offer information and advice about products available that could sway them toward making purchases.

Tom Lombardo: To ensure quality accessory presentations are given to every retail, lease, cash and new vehicle customer. Verify that associates perform effective presentations while training new associates to do this important task.

Customer Service

Experienced customer service workers must possess excellent customer service skills and possess an empathetic spirit when working in car accessories jobs. Giving customers an outstanding experience is critical to ensure repeat and referral business, with duties such as explaining performance of automobile accessories and helping select an optimal product to meet customer needs. In addition, merchandisers will have to maintain inventory control. They must work alongside new, used, parts departments as well as attend industry events and community outreach programs to promote dealer accessory products.

The serpentine belt (which runs around multiple pulleys to drive components like the A/C compressor, power steering pump, water pump and alternator) should also be checked regularly to ensure optimal functioning.


Car accessories sales involve providing products and services to customers to enhance or personalize their vehicles. Sales staff often work on service drives contacting customers with product packages, upgrading or replacing existing equipment, explaining performance benefits of accessories as well as hosting informational sessions on product features and benefits. They plan and forecast monthly accessory objectives while working in collaboration with new, used parts, and service departments to maximize gross profit opportunities.

Sales people working in car accessories need to possess an in-depth knowledge of products, professionalism and empathy to be successful at selling car accessories. Furthermore, they must possess exceptional communication skills as well as be involved with community activities which foster customer loyalty and referral business.


Car accessories managers play a pivotal role in selling and merchandise all accessory products for dealerships. Responsibilities on this job may include planning and forecasting monthly objectives in collaboration with new, used, parts, service departments to maximize gross profit opportunities; planning accessory displays accordingly; maintaining show books/photo galleries of accessorized vehicles; stockpiling inventory/back stock items as a resource expert, attending sales/service meetings as an expert resource and keeping informed about new product releases/trends/events in the market as well as attending industry events.

As an automotive accessories manager is customer-facing position, he or she should possess excellent product knowledge, professionalism and empathy. Furthermore, effective communication among departments and customers must also be achievable. One of the more challenging aspects of this job includes identifying what kind of vehicle accessories a customer wants before providing accurate estimates regarding pricing and installation times.

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