BMW i8 comes as a compact, lightweight sports car. It has been equipped with advanced technology and a variety of innovations to make your driving experience a fun-filled one. The new BMW i8 has been designed keeping in mind the changing needs of modern consumers. Today’s car buyers have many options and they are spoilt for choice. If you are looking for cars that satisfy various needs, the BMW i8 should be on top of your list.

The BMW i8 features two types of engine, namely, a gasoline direct-fire engine and a hybrid system. The gasoline engine runs at a lower speed and is fitted with variable valve timing and high-pressure injection. The electric motor of the BMW i8 runs at a higher speed and is fitted with high-speed gearshift and clutch automatic transmissions. This hybrid system incorporates active and passive strategies for optimized energy use and fuel economy.

A pair of kidney-shaped air bags and three air suspension springs can reduce the impact of the crash. There is also front and rear side-impact air bags as standard equipment in the BMW i8 roadster. Available with full temperature control, the air conditioning system features separate fan and evaporator banks for cooling the passengers in warm weather conditions and controlled by a variable fan. The standard version of the BMW i8 roadster also features standard auto headlights with LED headlights, daytime running lights and headlight dimming. Also available with a pair of projector headlights, the headlights are complimented by functional side-view mirrors. Both the BMW i8 roadster and the convertible are also fitted with front and rear headlamps with LED bulbs.

The BMW i8 offers a plug-in hybrids feature with both gasoline and electric motors. The electric motor runs on electric energy derived from the battery and the gasoline motor drives the standard compressor. These systems use an adaptable alternator to supply power to the batteries, the electric motor and the compressor. The total system utilizes about 250 watts of power and includes the battery, the compressor, the gas tank, an inverter, a charge controller and a power shift module.

BMW’s i8 plug-in powertrain is set to be launched in late 2010. Its development has been initiated at the BMW Group’s research and development center in Munich, Germany. According to BMW, this new hybrid sports cars will feature completely new design concepts. BMW has not disclosed much information about the new concept, except to say that it will have ‘unfoldable roof’ and ‘twin tail’ air bags. The concept, if it becomes a reality, could pave the way for larger BMW is, due to its future applications.

What is more, the new concept could pave the way for larger, high performance BMW all wheel drive vehicles. The development is led by chief engineer, Bo Heiberg, who also leads the design department. Other contributors to the concept include senior vice president, Dieter Baumann, head of product management, Mario Longhio, head of research, and Dietrich Matesch, head of power trains. According to BMW, this concept will be presented at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

Under the wings of the future BMW i8, the company is also set to introduce ‘BMW Sport Mode,’ a driver activated feature. This feature is believed to combine the highly popular sporty feel of the current BMW line with the energy efficiency of the new BMW i8. In addition to saving fuel efficiency during the actual driving experience, this feature also offers ‘game mode,’ a lower setting of the fuel efficiency parameters. This advanced feature, according to BMW, offers users the opportunity to ‘customize’ their BMW car with features that suit their individual driving habits.

BMW’s decision to use an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine in the new BMW i8 has resulted in a car that meets the strictest levels of fuel efficiency. At present, the new model boasts of over 50 miles per gallon of fuel in total, which makes it the most fuel efficient BMW ever developed. BMW has, however, opted to use an all-wheel drive system in the new BMW i8, a decision that surprised the auto industry. BMW stated that the all-wheel drive system of the BMW i8 would provide the car with greater passenger and cargo comfort, increased speed and agility, and a better handling. These factors, according to BMW, contribute to the overall betterment of the car’s ride and handling, which is why the company is so confident in recommending an all-wheel drive system in the new BMW i8.